is a website to help you overcome your jealousy of David Attenborough. While you may never be able to afford to make the rich documentaries he makes you can, and I would say you should, go and see those animals for yourself. As technology gets better and better the BBC’s wildlife team can make ever more visually appealing TV but they still cannot recreate the wonder of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. When it comes to filming the BBC crew have an advantage of technology and time that you might never manage to get together. However out in the wild there is nothing stopping you from getting up close and personal with some of the most spectacular wildlife events nature has to offer. My idea for this website was born from a frustration at being unable to find the right information on the internet when I was planning my holidays. It appeared that there were plenty of people selling trips (mostly high end luxury tours for 5000USD per person minimum) but there was nobody talking about them. Nobody with suggestions on what to see if you loved nature. I decided to build that website for those of you who are interested. Over time I hope it grows into a repository of all the good sights Mother Nature has to offer us. I don’t claim to have all the answers but if I don’t I hope to be able to steer you in the right direction and offer you some inspiration for your next wildlife based vacation. As an explorer, a tour guide and a photographer I am fully aware of the needs of both the traveller and the wildlife photographer but I have always struggled to find the information I wanted in a neat and simple package. From these difficulties this site emerged, a go-to spot for all those planning a holiday or trip with wildlife involved. The site is also here to promote photography, which is the best way, in fact the only ethical way to shoot an animal while on holidays. I hope you find this site interesting. While in the process of creating it I discovered a couple of books that I would have loved to have found earlier. If you are too busy working to go away right now why not check them out for inspiration and places to dream about. These are of course affiliate links. Don’t forget to check out other sellers in case the price is better.

Yes affiliate links, I also have advertising. After all the site and my time has to be paid for somehow. This is how the modern internet works. See my advertising page for more details. Rest assured though. I have scruples. I will only offer links to things that I believe offer value to my readers or whatever Google thinks does.

I have always loved nature and I hope my readers do too. I hope someday to grow this site into a full time business that can spread the word about looking after nature but at the same time my priority is to get those who ‘wish they could see more’ up off their butts and out there into the wild.

Nature has always offered us a spectacle. We don’t need TV (unless it is raining in which case a BCC documentary is a great idea –  here’s a large collection of them from Amazon). We need to get out and see nature. We need everybody to fall in love with animals again. Respect for nature is necessary or we will lose it. I hope to do my bit by getting people out of their comfortable concrete jungles and into the awe-inspiring wild.

Of course if you see a leopard cub in the wild you will fall in love. And it is then that its habitat will be secured for the future.

Enjoy the website and let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions.