Hi I’m Adrian

I have worked in the Travel and Tourism industry for over 20 years. My grandmother’s bookshelves were weighted down with almost 100 years worth of National Geographic magazines which made me dream when I was young.

Today I help others fulfill their dreams, but what I enjoy even more is creating the images that make them dream.

I only hope that my portfolio will inspire others to enjoy travel as much as I do. 

Adrian sitting in front of Plansee in Tirol. Maybe it would have been better not to be looking directly at the sun.

My non-wildlife travel photos are available at aidotours.com

The Future of This Site

Throughout my travels I have struggled to find the necessary information to allow hassle free travel to wildlife rich destinations. Travel is easy when one has the financial resources to do so. However for those with shallower pockets exploring the remaining wilderness areas of our planet is more difficult. The paucity of available information is a key factor in this.

My goal is to eventually have a guide on this site to maximise your wildlife experiences while avoiding excessive financial and environmental costs. I believe everybody can have the David Attenborough experience and not only by sitting in front of their tv. 

Anybody can find luxurious expeditions to the jungles online but my goal is to allow you to experience our dwindling wildlife on a more down to earth level. 

Remember to visit regularly to find updates, including guides to Wildlife, Wildlife Photography and Nature Travel.  


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