The ultimate guide to viewing wildlife around the world.

ChasingWildlife has been designed to help you get the most out of your time watching wildlife. While patience and fieldcraft will get you so far, being in the right place at the right time has a much bigger influence on the animals you see. 

I want to help get you to the areas where wildlife is still abundant and give you the best opportunity to see as much as possible. 

Hopefully we can get out an enjoy the wildlife before it is too late. 

Whether you are going on an expedition like Stanley or Livingstone or simply trying to return to a calm peaceful bit of countryside wildlife is ever present.

Whether you have a day, a week or even a year to spare, getting out and seeing animals in their natural habitat has never been easier. However it often seems that in today’s hectic world we urban dwellers are a million miles away from anything natural.

In the globalised society we live in travel is easy and the animals that you might have dreamed of seeing as a kid are only a flight away. These exotic creatures are no longer as exotic as they once might have been but they are as enthralling to watch in the wild as ever. The wild primates of the Borneo forest don’t care what we do in London or New York anymore than they did 500 years ago. However we should care about what happens to them as the world becomes ever more populated.

I want to help you get up close and personal with some of the most iconic and most interesting of the wild species on out planet. From Polar Bears to Tigers our wildlife is disappearing and I want to help as many people to see it before it gets destroyed by the relentless push of ‘progress’. Habitat destruction, land pressure and a changing climate are creating ever smaller pockets of wilderness for the non-domesticated species of our planet. We need to see them while we can.

Conserving our wild lands and as diverse an ecosystem as we can only makes sense for us on the planet and I believe that the more people who get out there and see the beauty nature has to offer the better. Those who fall in love with nature are much more likely to make the sacrifices necessary to preserve it.

As the site grows I will be adding more wildlife encounters and travel inspiration basically turning it into a guide to the best places to go on safari, to take photos of animals and to see the species that David Attenborough made us dream about seeing. We no longer need to dream, just to travel

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