So how do I offer you this site free of charge so that you can get information about wildlife? Well the answer is because I use advertising to pay for the upkeep of my servers and to try and give me enough money for beers on the weekend as well. Maybe in the future it will pay for my next new camera lens (Nikon mount if you are offering) – here’s hoping.

So I do advertise. The adverts on this site have no influence on the content. In the modern digital world I can confidently recommend anything I want and have a way to make money from it (though minimal amounts). Almost every online retailer these days has an advertising budget. Often this is a percentage of their sales. I might as well try and get a little share of that in return for the value I give you.

That means if I recommend a tour it isn’t because they give me something but it is because I think you, my readers, will enjoy it. I could of course recommend the tours that offer the best commissions but that wouldn’t work in the long run. If they don’t offer enough value not enough tours would be booked to give me money.


Google Adsense display ads are run by Google in relation to a) a combination of my site and b) your previous interests on the web browser you are using. They might not actually be your interests if someone else has used your computer. An algorithm decides what ads to display based on my content (about wildlife travel) and your interests (say you like birds) and will display a suitable ad (e.g. bird tours in Africa).


Amazon links are affiliate links. If I tell you about a book that you might like to read on a certain part of Ireland it is only polite to give a link to Amazon so you can buy it or add it to your wishlist immediately. Well since Amazon are willing to give me 4% of your purchase there is no point sending you to Amazon without making it work for me. It doesn’t cost you anything extra. However I recommend the book or whatever not Amazon. Therefore don’t forget to shop around and buy something where it is best value to you (unless you want to thank me). Amazon often has the best prices but not always.

Affiliate Links

If I find a tour operator that is of special value to my readers and I think you are likely to book it then I will accept a commission from the seller if they offer it. To do this my links have an id attached so such a seller knows you arrived at their site from mine. It costs you, the reader, nothing but all three parties benefit. I get a comission, the seller gets a sale (or interest in a sale) and my readers get to hear about good products. Remember if I recommend crap I will get a reputation for that and people will no longer click on my links.

This is the way the modern internet works. People want information for free but it takes time to produce it. It also costs money to host a website on the internet. This is how the internet pays for itself. Certain sites sell concrete objects and the money from this is spread out around the internet to those sites that link to it.

However if I produce enough good content that people like to read and a lot of people keep coming back to my site I will get enough ‘click-throughs’ to make some money.


Links to other websites are here because I believe they give good value. I can be mistaken though and as often as I can check and update my recommendations. Some adverts like those from Google’s Adsense network are served as I said earlier by an algorithm and aren’t always perfect. However if a computer can get things wrong then please give me some leeway as well.

Anyway I hope you like the site and the content first and foremost. On a secondary note I hope my advertising is as unobtrusive as possible and that it serves a purpose. I hope it helps to inspire you first and foremost. Secondly I hope that it helps to get you out in nature. I believe a reconnection with nature is necessary for the health of our modern society both individually and environmentally.

Do you want to advertise with us?

If you are involved in the wildlife tourism industry and would like to reach out to my readers send me an email and explain why you offer my followers good value. If I believe you offer them good value maybe we can come to an agreement to host your adverts on my site.